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Building Strong School-Family Relationships


Association " Alternative Educationale"

-Project coordinator-

Craiova, Romania

The “Educational Alternatives” Association is an NGO, located in the South-West Region of Oltenia, the sixth poorest region in EU, according to EU Statistics Commission –Eurostat. The association was set up in 2011 and its main purpose is to diversify and improve the quality of educational services offered by the public school system, both in formal and informal environments. The educational services offered by our NGO are an answer to the current needs of the trainees and to the requirements of our society.

As a coordinator in the Grundtvig project, we realize we have the opportunity to set–up an official framework directed towards cooperation relationships at European level in order to build sustainable development of the school system, human resources, projects management in social domains of common interest.

In order to organize the training activities, our NGO has established partnerships with schools located in our region, students’ parents’ associations.

The theme of the project is of utmost interest to us because it meets the objectives for which our NGO was set up and addresses a wide target audience.

The staff involved in our NGO includes school principals, teacher trainers, methodologists, mentors, persons actively involved in the education of different types of trainees: teachers, parents, students. These members are experienced in the implementation of educational projects, be them at the regional, national or international level, they have the ability to organize and sustain training sessions. All of them have excellent social skills, are able to organize successful events, possessing highly developed cross-cultural and linguistic abilities.


Project staff:



(trainer, teacher of Physics)

■ROTARU MARIA CRISTINA-trainer, teacher of English

■SĂNDOI LUCIAN -trainer, teacher of Social Sciences

■CEAUŞU DUMITRU-trainer, teacher of Physics

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Building Strong School-Family Relationships

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2013-1-RO1-GRU06-29567 1

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