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Building Strong School-Family Relationships


March 2014


Second project meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark


The Second Project Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, was held 16-20 March 2014.


The event was a laboratory workshop for Training of Trainers. The contents of the laboratory workshop was:


  • Laboratory method practice for dialogue facilitating


  • Café method


  • E-learning facilities


  • Hot Hour Experiences


  • Communication Management


  • Social Competences


  • Intercultural Handbook


  • Cooperation best practice


The workshop combined theory and practice on how to work with building stronger relationships between school, families and society in a Danish context. Visiting a Danish public school and external speakers from the Inclusion network and the National Association for Parents. This combined with the project’s training manual.


The next Project Meeting will be in GRAZ, Austria from 14-18 July 2014.



15 November 2013

First project meeting in Craiova, Romania

Between 5th-9th of November 2013 Asociatia "Alternative Educationale" organized the first project meeting (transnational mobility) in Craiova, Romania.

Asociatia "Alternative Educationale" is the coordinator of the project and had prepared an intensive programme to establish the common ground for the partnership cooperation.

The first project meeting had the following agenda:

  • The presentation of the host organization and the project partners organizations
  • Team building activities
  • Discussions upon the findings of the Case study and the identification of the common problems;
  • Exchange of experience by presenting positive examples regarding effective school-family communication from the countries of each partner organizations
  • Meeting the local authorities
  • Establishing responsibilities for each partner for the next three months, deciding upon the structure of the training course and the elaboration of the risk strategy
  • Crosscultural exchanges
  • Feed-back, evaluation and written report;

All participants agreed that this objective was successfully completed and looks forward to the opportunities of the partnership networking.

The meetings resulted in a comprehensive action plan, including a distribution of tasks among the partners.And this web site is one of the first visible results from the meeting - less than a week after the meeting.







"It is important that learning is motivated

by curiosity and the desire to learn

rather than exams or tests."

N.F.S. Grundtvig

Building Strong School-Family Relationships

Next mobilities


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  • Denmak: 16-20 March 2014
  • Austria: June 2014
  • Tyrkey:
  • Italy:


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