1st Meeting in Craiova RO

Partner countries in this Grundtvig project 2013-2015

Building Strong School-Family Relationships

First project Meeting in Craiova, Romania

5th-9th of November 2013















The topics tackled within these project meetings can be divided in three different groups:


  1. Partners’ presentations of the activities done within their organizations during the previous months, in accordance with the agenda of the project application;
  2. Problems regarding the contents of the activities which are to be tackled within the next months, up to the project meeting in Denmark (March, 2014) and assigning responsibilities for each partner;
  1. Problems regarding the organisation of the next project meetings.


  1. The representatives of the partner organizations have presented the conclusions drawn after applying the questionnaires. General data regarding the countries and the town/city in which each partner lives have also been presented.


  1. There have been problems regarding the following aspects:

a)Organizational aspects of the course that is to be implemented: length of the course for all the factors involved (students, parents, teachers), structure of the course;

b)Deciding upon responsibilities in conceiving the course book modules;

c)The logo of the project;

d)The setting up of the Web page of the project;

e)The setting up of a common Facebook account on which the people involved in the project to interact;

f)Discussions upon the possible risks the partners might confront with during the implementation of the project activities;

g)Exchange of good ideas and examples of good practice activities upon the theme of the project;

h)Assessment of the activities performed during the meeting in Romania and feedback from the partner teams.


  1. There have been discussions regarding the best time for the next mobility, which is going to be in Denmark in March 2014.




Our project in the Romanian newspapers

Building Strong School-Family Relationships

Next mobilities


LLP No: 2013-1-RO1-GRU06-29567 1


  • Denmak: 16-20 March 2014
  • Austria: June 2014
  • Tyrkey:
  • Italy:


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