2nd Meeting in Copenhagen DK

Partner countries in this Grundtvig project 2013-2015

Building Strong School-Family Relationships

Second project meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

17-19 March 2014



The meeting started with a welcome presentation done by the hosting organisation. The participants started the session with icebracker and team building activities.

An important part of the meeting was the training of trainers. During the different sessions several good practices (i.e Inclusion network Denmark Training for trainers and School and Parents project) were presented in order to discuss about innovative training techniques for teachers.

The partners have presented the actual situation of the project and highlighted the progressions and the further tasks.

The participants shared experiences and information in order to design materials and processes related to the project.

At the end of the meeting the evaluation activities were presented.










Building Strong School-Family Relationships

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  • Austria: June 2014
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2013-1-RO1-GRU06-29567 1

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