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Building Strong School-Family Relationships

The project in brief


We live in a society in which things happen and change very fast. In this rapidly moving wheel, we need to have some solid ground on which to hold and stop for a rest.

One very good way of doing it is by building strong relationships between all the factors involved in education: school, family, community. This project aims at finding ways to improve and strengthen the school-family-community relationships.

In order to achieve this, our organizations will firstly establish partnerships with schools from the local community. These will provide the human resources needed. We want to organize training sessions in which the trainees belong to all the categories: teachers, parents, community members, students aged over 16.

During these training sessions, the trainees will learn about effective ways to strengthen the school-family-community relationships within three modules:

  • Module I - The Management of Communication,
  • Module II - Education for social values,
  • Module III - Intercultural Education.

Building Strong School-Family Relationships

Next mobilities


LLP No: 2013-1-RO1-GRU06-29567 1


  • Denmak: 16-20 March 2014
  • Austria: June 2014
  • Tyrkey:
  • Italy:


2013-1-RO1-GRU06-29567 1

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