Project Action Plan

Partner countries in this Grundtvig project 2013-2015

Building Strong School-Family Relationships


September 2013- August 2014

September 2013


  • The establishment of local partnerships between the partners involved in the Grundtvig project and other schools, NGOs, museums, institutions, etc. from the area.
  • The promotion of the project within the partner schools, NGOs, etc and in the local media.


October 2013


  • Conducting a research activity / a case study to identify the main barriers in school-family communication (interviews, surveys, roundtables, etc.)
  • Centralization and analysis of the results of the research by each partner organization.


November 2013


  • First project meeting held in Craiova , Romania


December 2013


  • Designing the logo of the project, the website and the facebook page
  • Dissemination of the objectives and of the results of the first project meeting
  • Newsletter no.1


January-February 2014


  • The elaboration of the course book by the multinational team, which will be later used during the training sessions (Module I - The Management of Communication, Module II - Education for social values, Module III - Intercultural Education);
  • The creation of the project leaflet / poster


March 2014


  • The second project meeting held in Copenhagen, Denmark


April 2014


  • The elaboration of the selection criteria for the target group of trainees
  • The selection of the trainees from the partner schools (parents and teachers, students aged 16 and over)
  • Disemination of the objectives and of the results of the second project meeting
  • Newsletter no.2


May- June 2014


  • The first training course for teachers and parents - Modules I , II si III ( Target group: 25-30 trainees/ for each project organization)
  • Feedback received from trainees through applying opinion questionnaires
  • The elaboration of the intermediary report
  • Completion of the educational software format


July 2014


  • The third international project meeting held in Graz, Austria


August 2014


  • The evaluation of the impact of the project by each partner organization

  • Newsletter no.3





Montly results

September 2013

  • Partnership agreements with schools, NGOs, museums, and other institutions from the local community.

October 2013


  • The analyzing report on the research activity .

November 2013


  • Written report after the first project meeting.

(Craiova, RO)


December 2013


  • Newsletter no.1
  • the project logo
  • the project web-page


January-February 2014

The course book:

  • Module I
  • Module II
  • Module III

March 2014


  • written report after the second project meeting

(Copenhagen, DK)

April-May-June 2014


  • newsletter no.2
  • selection criteria
  • 130 students trained (aged 16+)
  • ~ 100 teachers/ parents trained



July- August 2014


Written report after

the third project

meeting (Graz, AT)

Newsletter no.3

Evaluation report


Building Strong School-Family Relationships

Next mobilities


LLP No: 2013-1-RO1-GRU06-29567 1


  • Denmak: 16-20 March 2014
  • Austria: June 2014
  • Tyrkey:
  • Italy:


2013-1-RO1-GRU06-29567 1

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