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Building Strong School-Family Relationships

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Building Strong School Family Community Relationships




We live in a society in which things happen and change very fast. In this rapidly moving wheel, we need to have some solid ground on which to hold and stop for a rest.

One very good way of doing it is by building strong relationships between all the factors involved in education: school, family, community. This project aims at finding ways to improve and strengthen the school-family-community relationships.

In order to achieve this, our organizations will firstly establish partnerships with schools from the local community. These will provide the human resources needed. We want to organize training sessions in which the trainees belong to all the categories: teachers, parents, community members, students aged over 16.

During these training sessions, the trainees will learn about effective ways to strengthen the school-family-community relationships within three modules:

  • Module I - The Management of Communication,
  • Module II - Education for social values,
  • Module III - Intercultural Education.

Furthermore, research activities/ case studies will be conducted, exchange of positive experience between the partners will take place, round table talks, meetings, symposiums/conferences will be organized, all these ensuring the optimization of the relationship school-family-community.

The findings of our research and the experience accumulated will be spread to all the factors interested in developing better relationships between schools and the outer environment through the dissemination activitie purpose fully organized and through the web site of the project.

The project aims at developing four out of the eight key competencies devised by LLP:

  • social and civic competencies,
  • learning to learn,
  • communication in foreign languages
  • digital competencies.



1. To consolidate the school-family-local community relationship and to improve communication between them .

2. To effectively train at least 400 parents / teachers / students aged over 16 years (about 80 trainees / partner country), who are going to attend three training sessions/modules;

3. To support teachers and parents’ positive attitudes towards building a better teaching environment for students, by providing the know-how, by presenting positive examples, supporting them in coping with various issues;

4. To conceive common educational instruments, which can become useful to all the partners involved;

5. To improve the existing training offer by making printed materials, audio-video, magnetic media (CD / DVD) in order to optimize both the school-community communication and the education for social and intercultural values

6. To design and manage a website (made in each of the languages of the project partners) that will include the training sessions in the online version, testing and self-evaluation tests, press releases, news, links, etc;

7. To promote useful examples of good practice in providing formal and informal education in the field of promoting social and cross-cultural values involving museums and other organizations;

8. To promote cooperation between different organizations involved in the education of the adults within the E.U .

9. To promote cross-cultural exchanges and thus to improve and further develop the intercultural skills of both the target group and the project team;

10. To improve or further develop the ability to use English and the IT skills through permanent communication with all the partners involved by using the mail, Skype services and different other socializing networks and directly during the mobilities;

11. To promote some common European values (unity, human dignity, identity and traditions, non-discrimination, pluralism, liberty, solidarity, democracy, peace and social equity), social responsibility, an open-minded perspective upon the European diversity by organize project activities.

Building Strong School-Family Relationships

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  • Denmak: 16-20 March 2014
  • Austria: June 2014
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